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Master Therapist

Danny D. Dore' is considered one of Houston's only Master Therapists.   He incorporates State-of-the-Art Energy Medicine with over 5000 hours of training in alternative therapies and 20 years hands-on-healing experience.

He successfully combines advanced technical skills with 'State-of-the-Art' Energy Medicine and highly tuned intuitive abilities making him second to none in the alternative healing field.

Healing and energy medicine has now reached a new paradigm of excellence. It is more than just not being sick or ill, it is more than just not being in pain. Instead it is a feeling of strength and vitality surging through every part of your body with a sense of physical and energetic balance and well-being.   

No longer do we have to live in pain, dis-ease, discomfort, low-energy or fatigue throughout the body because of injury, abuse or age.

With a working knowledge of many advance alternative healing techniques, we celebrate a 95% success rate in solving whatever problems or maladies you may have.

Don't miss this opportunity to work with such a talented and gifted therapist. 

Advanced Therapies

Energy Medicine

We have incorporated the PEMF 8000 as part of our healing modalities.  The PEMF 8000 is a high intensity, PEMF device that energizes our cells with Tesla energy.  The results are no less than remarkable!

As we grow older, our cells lose their vitality and strength.  When this happens the cells cannot release the toxins and accept the life-sustaining oxygen and nutrients needed to stay healthy. When this occurs,  our energy begins to decline and an overall sense of weakness is felt throughout the body. Our food no longer digests properly, the mind becomes foggy and thought processes decline. 

Cellular energizing is the missing component to all natural healing processes.  If, for example, you have been in chronic pain or are older than forty, you may be lacking the cellular energy needed for healing. This is where the PEMF 8000 comes in.  The PEMF 8000 supplies much needed energy to the cells, which in turn can strengthen the immune the body the energy it needs to heal.

The Answer to Healing

Getting plenty of rest, having a positive outlook on life, consuming organic foods, drinking pure clean water, taking tuned vitamins, ridding oneself of negative emotions, getting plenty of exercise are all steps towards staying healthy.  We now know Cellular Energizing is the missing piece of the health puzzle.   

Therapeutic Massage may ease stress, but if there are structural imbalances, nerve impingement and chronic pain may continue to occur. When this happens,  you may need more than just a relaxing massage. 

Using advance healing modalities such as CranioSacral Therapy, Meridian Unwinding, Lymph Drainage Therapy, Pain Neutralization or SomatoEmotional Release can release muscles and trigger points that are causing structural imbalance. 

Pain is a warning sign that there are imbalances in one or more systems.  Yes, pain can have purely physical origins, but frequently there are emotional issues linked to the pain. That is when Clinical Hypnosis. N.L.P, Emotion Code or Pranic Psychotherapy works best. To find and rid the system of energetic or emotional blockages is the only way to truly heal. 


Twenty years ago, I learned an amazing healing technique called (N.A.E.T) Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique. It can locate and neutralize foods, vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats that you may be allergic too and even airborne pollutants that may be weakening or disrupting your immune or digestive system. 

Sometimes the body gets confused, and what should support the system, like vitamin C or vitamin B, no longer heals the body the way it was designed but is now weakening the system.  If you are allergic or sensitive to vitamins, foods or anything you ingest, even if it suppose to be good for you, may be disrupting and weaken your system.  N.A.E.T can identify and change this energy back to its original state of balance.  Once this occurs, future ingestion of these nutrients or foods will no longer weaken the body but help strengthen it. The body then has the ability to heal.

Healing is an Art

It has taken me twenty years and over 5000 hours of training to get to where I am today.  I continually train in new and advanced therapies to improve my abilities so I can help more individuals out of pain and to increase their quality of life. Together, we can make pain and dis-ease something in the past tense.   

Healing is a journey that everyone should be on.  Staying strong and healthy is a full time job in this toxic world we live in today.

Make an appointment, keep an open mind and let's get strong together.