Q & A

Q. If the PEMF8000 Pro is so great, why do I need a massage?

A. The PEMF8000 Pro is an amazing healing device but as a massage therapist, holistic therapist and medical intuitive, I am able to evaluate and treat many different problems on many different physical and/or energetic levels.  For instance, as a N.A.E.T practitioner, I can detect one or more allergies that might be causing blockages in the energy meridians weakening the immune system and possibly the functioning of an internal organ.  

Q. How many sessions can I expect before seeing or feeling any results from my pain?

A. No one can say for certain, but most individuals experience partial relief from their pain after the very first session.  If your pain has been troubling you for many years, it may take several sessions before you start feeling the positive results.

Q. How do I know the PEMF energy is safe?

A. The PEMF energies have been studied for over twenty years. The devices have been tested by NASA and have FDA approval.  

Q. What does the PEMF 8000 cure?

A. The PEMF energy cures nothing!  The PEMF 8000 supplies energy to the cells which in-turn causes an increase in micro-circulation and allows oxygen and nutrients to be accepted into the cells and toxins to be released. This then allows the body to return to a healthy homeostasis. 

Q.  What can I expect with my first visit?  I have neck and shoulder pain, caused from several car accidents.  I have seen massage therapists, physical therapists and chiropractors, but only get temporary relief.  Can you do something these other therapists can't?

A.  Possibly.  Because I am a medical intuitive, I can normally trace down what is out-of-balance or what Eastern healers identify as broken chi and correct the problem.  I also detect energetic imbalances several different ways using kinesiology or muscle testing, pendulum testing and reflexology.  But if the body has been suffering for an extended period of time, it has a memory of this pain and will try to return to what it perceives as an "equilibrium." This is why treatment with the PEMF energy is so important, The body will have the energy and strength to move back to its prior, normal homeostasis.

Q.  I have experienced neck pain for twenty years and have seen many different chiropractors, but my pain is getting worse.

A. There is a treatment modality called Pain Neutralization Technique. PNT releases deep trigger points that can cause ongoing weakness and discomfort.  UnWinding is another very effective adjunctive therapy.  It will release stored emotional energies that may be causing blockages and pain. CranioSacral Therapy is another extremely effective therapy which uses very light pressure to release muscular and bony asymmetries.  

Q.  I have a gallbladder scar from  surgery performed 20 years ago and now I believe it is causing me lots of trouble. For example, I experience  electrical shocks throughout my body.  Is there anything you can do to help?

A.  I have helped many people with this same problem.  A NeuroStim Device used in conjunction with a recoil release technique may reduce your symptoms in a few sessions.  

Q.  I have chronic TMJ pain I have been suffering with for years.  I have been to many specialist that want to do surgery.  I have tried wearing mouth guards, which help, but I continue to get headaches.  Do you have any other suggestions? 

A.  Possibly, CranioSacral Techniques in most cases can readjust the cranial bones and realign the jaw.  But you may need other massage techniques which provide additional release of secondary muscular tension within the neck and shoulders. 

Q.  I have seen multiple health care personnel for chronic back pain.  At times, I have experienced temporary relief, but ultimately the symptoms return.  Do you have any suggestions?  

A.  Chronic back pain can be caused by a multitude of physical problems and imbalances.  Emotional stressors, kidney swelling, shifting of pelvic structure,  disc degeneration, or foot pronation may contribute to low back pain.  Low back pain is a very common problem that may take several sessions to treat.