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Chronic and acute pain can now be reduced and eliminated at its core source.

Cellular Energizing is the New Frontier in Healing



Looking and feeling vibrant and younger is no longer a dream!  Our high intensity PEMF8000 Pro (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy) can turn your dreams of feeling vibrant and younger into a reality! 



Our PEMF8000 Pro imbues life sustaining, high intensity Tesla energy into every cell of the body. When cells are energized, there is an increase in micro-circulation which carries life sustaining oxygen and nutrients to the cells. The cells will once again have the ability to accept nutrients and oxygen and release toxins. When that occurs,  the body has the ability to heal on a cellular level.

PEMF8000 Pro


The PEMF8000 Pro in Houston is a gigantic positive step forwards in energy medicine.  You will feel the positive changes as your cells become energized, micro-circulation improves and pain decreases.  This will result in a new sense of emotional balance and physical well-being. PEMF Energy Healing in Houston

The Future of Healing is Today

Nothing can compare to our ''PEMF8000 Pro"!


No more waiting for days, weeks or months to feel a difference. With our high intensity PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy), you will feel changes happening immediately.


Cellular Energy is Healing


Daily exercises, clean water, organic foods,  nutritional supplements and a positive attitude are a must to stay healthy in today's toxic environment.  Nevertheless,  one thing is missing as we grow older: cellular energy!  Cellular energy is the missing key to health and vitality. With an increase in cellular energy , the body gains a new potential to heal, rejuvenate and revitalize.  


Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field


Restoring the cellular-based energy of the body allows for deeper healing to occur.  As pain levels and exhaustion decreases, vitality increases.  You will start looking and feeling better and younger.  It is a gift that cannot be measured, only appreciated!

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Esoteric Massage Center

One - 20 minute PEMF session

Cost $50 per session

One - 50 minute Massage & Healing Session includes, One - 30 Minute PEMF session

Cost $150 per session

One - 80 Minute Massage & Healing Session includes, two - 30 Minute PEMF sessions

Cost $200 per session

Ask for "Multiple Session Discounts"

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Sorry, insurance NOT accepted!

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